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The PSA AK-V: 3,000 Flawless Rounds at Big 3 East

Posted by Kris Vermillion on 3 months ago

The Palmetto State Armory AK-V brought its A Game for the Big 3 East Media event in Daytona, FL this week.

A handful of media insiders, industry experts and law enforcement officers joined in on the fun as we pumped more than 3,000 flawless rounds through an AK-V taken straight off the production line down to Daytona.


Magazine And Bump Stock Ban: Will the people comply?

Posted by Kris Vermillion on 5 months ago

With the blessing of both the NRA and President Trump, the ATF has suddenly discovered a new interpretation of the National Firearms Act of 1934. The latest epipheny finds that somehow the legislation from 1934 prohibits bump stock devices which were introduced to the market in 2010 and considered perfectly legal until 2018. Weird how that works.

Bump stocks have been banned because the government believes they are the only way to fire semi-automatic weapons at an accelerated rate. Apparently they've never heard of belt loops. White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, states that bump stocks fall within the definition of machine guns, which are so heavily regulated by federal firearms law that ownership might as well be explicitly banned. The rule is now in effect and owners of the bump stock firearms accessory have until March 16, 2019, to either destroy or surrender them, or become an overnight felon.

Will the American people comply?


Shot Show 2019 - The PSAK-74

Posted by Kris Vermillion on 5 months ago

We are excited to introduce you to the Palmetto State Armory AK-74.

The classic AK design chambered in 5.45 x 39 and built to withstand whatever you throw its way.

Backed by our 100% Lifetime Warranty and put together with all the classic AK-74 features.

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A Compact AK in 9MM - The PSA AKV

Posted by Kris Vermillion on 7 months ago

The beauty of so many AR15 rifles being sold over the last ten years is that the market is now demanding creativity on top of reliability from gun manufacturers.

If you want to capture the gun buyer's attention these days, you better be offering something that is both new and built to last.

Palmetto State Armory is proud of its achievements in both regards. The PSA AK-V is a small gun with big ambition; an AK pistol that packs quite the punch. Chambered in 9MM, designed to use our U9 magazines and a perfect fit for tight spaces, the AK-V brings versatility and modularity to a classic design.